Stump Grinding

We can remove those unsightly stumps from your garden, allowing you more room to enjoy your outdoor space.

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Stump grinding does exactly that! The machine turns your nuisance tree stump into chunks of woodchip which can then be spread around your garden, leaving you with a neat hole in the ground to be filled with top soil and then planted/turfed etc. We currently have two stump grinding machines, one large one which can remove any diameter stump to 12" below ground level, and a smaller narrow access machine which can also tackle large and small stumps to around 6" below ground level but can fit through an average pedestrian gateway, allowing access to most gardens.

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Mr H - Gillan , Cornwall

"Just to say how impressed we were at the proficient and professional way that you carried out the work in felling the Norway Spruce last Wednesday. I was amazed that despite having to dismantle this large tree in the middle of a garden no damage was caused to other plants, hedges or trees or to the drive."

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This shows a stump halfway through the stump grinding process.

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Stump ready for grinding.

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